Renting management

Our contract data is stored in a digital filing system and continuously managed to ensure up-to-date and accurate information. While our electronic database allows for more efficient supervision, in now way it replaces the experience and expertise of our personnel who are ultimately in charge of all executive and editorial decisions. Our personnel has been active in the craft related to tenants, properties etc for many years. Their insight and experience is what defines our company strategy.

As our team has been involved in tenant and object matters for several years, we are up to date with the latest developments.

Depending on your needs we provide:

  • notification of available premises
  • statistics on rentable area and leasing
  • calculation and correction of areas for first and re-renting
  • amendments of allocation basis for accounting of incidental costs

Of course we are also responsible for:

  • monitoring of compliance with leasing regulations
  • moving-in and moving-out of tenants
  • supervision of legal deadlines
  • assertion of rent increases